Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Guns and Horses; a WIP

  Got more figures from Crann Tara the other day.  Soon will be adding a cavalry regiment (FitzJanes), artillery and light infantry.  Right now the gun and cavalry are primed and just need a dry brushing of white.  As an experiment I have mounted the cavalry on their stands rather then popsicle sticks and will try and paint them this way.  Perhaps speed things up a bit?  We will see.

  Next up will be the lights and some mounted commanded figures.  The Frenchman is taking shape!  Next year will start the British.


  1. or cavalry, I too find attaching the horses and riders to their permanent bases first helpful in speeding things up. There is just enough room between them to maneuver paintbrushes, and at least one less step in getting everything finished and ready for the table.

    Best Regards,


  2. Mark, I’ve stuck Cavalry on their permanent bases for a while now and it isn’t any more difficult to paint them. Maybe if I was doing Medieval knights with boarding etc I’d do it the old fashioned way but the method you have tried works for me.