Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Artillery Redoubt

  I promised myself I would work on improving my terrain this year.  So I have started to add some buildings, and also a few other items to improve the tabletop appearance.

  I picked him this artillery redoubt last year at Cold Wars but just got around to painting and flocking it.  I cannot remember who made it but it is a gem and most useful too!

  Although I painted the outside of the redoubt it is now covered in much for the ground.  But a good dry brushing of the the inside made the gabions and wood pop.  It holds up to two stands of artillery.  A nice strong point in the battlefield or perhaps the little redoubt in the Crimean.


  1. It is certainly a useful size. I am guessing it looks better for having been flocked, so that it knits in with the ground texture better.