Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Laser cut buildings

  I have been curious about these buildings since they first came out.  They look good, and are less expensive then the cast ones.  So that was a big plus for me;  the frugal wargamer.  At Cold Wars this year I picked up two buildings in the flea markets. At $10 each They were  a bargin. They were wooden buildings that could fit into my Rev War and 1812 games.  Again more bang for my buck.

  The first was by Battlefield Accessories from Australia.  It looked very basic and simple so I choose this one to start with.  I used Arlene's tacky glue to put it together.  Similarly white glue.  The cabin went together quickly and was the definition of simple.  The final project will look good on my table top.

  The cabin from Sally 4th was much more detailed and comprehensive.  Fortunately for me they provided a goid, illustrated set of instructions.  These helped with the construction.  In fact I would have been lost without them.

  As a final improvement i think I will base these buildings.  Add a few items like fences and possibly a tree would provide a neat little mini diorama on my table.  A few civilian figures would be nice also.  Of course then I should add a few farm animals.........


  1. You got a bargain there. I have built the piece with the big chimney. It is double skinned and feels very substantial. Nice find.

  2. The buildings certainly look very effective.