Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New project: 1776

 Although quite happy with my Rev War armies up to now something was missing.  Many of my favorite regiments took part in the early 1776 campaign around New York city, across New Jersey and ending with the battles of Trenton and Princeton.   In fact, this campaign has long held a fascination for me.  I have spent many happy hours reading about it;  and have visited many of the sites associated with it.  So, irrational as it appears I just had to raise a number of regiments to fight battles from this campaign.

  My long term plan is to start with the American regiments.  After all how can you war game this conflict and not have regiments like Haslet's Delaware or Smallwood's Marylanders in your order of battle?  I was fascinated by the fight at Pell's Point after reading a report by Colonel Lamomi Baldwin so I have to add Glover' s brigade too.

   Not to forget the Crown forces!  I wanted addition Hessian regiments.  Who better to add than Colonel Rall's hard fighting but doomed brigade made up of his regiment and the Knyphausen and Lossberg Fusilier regiments.  For the British a Grenadier and Light Infantry battalion is a must.  Finally a couple loyalist regiments in green coats (which is actually more correct for 1777).

For battles one could not do better then fighting Trenton after Christmas day.  Not a traditional holiday activity  for the entire family but let us start a new tradition!  Princeton is a under appreciated action that deserves to be on the table top.  The delaying action at Pell's point could be a very different game.  And of course the Battle of White plains for me is a must. Must buy lots of autumn colored trees!

 Figures will be from both Fife and Drum miniatures and RSM.  Both lines are very similar in size and shape and fit very well together.  In addition I would like to add a few Kings Mountain figures to my collection. Flags will be either  computer made or bought from GMB.  I like the paints from rapier I have tried recently so they are my go to paints for now.

  To fund the project I already have a number of unpainted castings I have recently discovered.  I also have unfinished projects I lost interest in years ago.  A few American Civil War (25mmm plastic and some metal), some 1859 and 1866  Austrians (25mm and 15mm) and other miscellaneous figures will be sold or traded for new lead.

Please stay tuned for his this project works out.


  1. A nice project and a beautiful parade!

  2. It's fun to start a new project that plays off of armies that one already has. The annual Trenton game sounds like a good idea too.


  3. Looking forward to this new push Mark. My armies are also geared towards 1776/7 in the north.

  4. Beautiful figures! For years, I would try Napoleonics, Colonials, WW2, ACW, but I always find myself going back to the American Revolution. I started in 25's, then 40's, now I'm doing 54's. I must be getting old!

  5. I agree! As old age creeps up on me I am returning to my fewer but more loved periods. Sold off most of my other periods. Kept my Crimean armies and now concentrating on Rev War and War of 1812. at some point soon i will be painting less and playing more ,(I hope☺)