Thursday, August 9, 2018

Battle on McKenzie Heights, A Crimean 1854 wargame

   For club game night rather then do my usual American Rev War or War of 1812  I am putting on a Crimean War 1854 game.  These are some of my favorites armies, and my oldest.  They are the only figures saved from the great house disaster of 2004.  The battle will see a Russian fortified post attacked by a combined British and French force.

   In the center of the table will be a fortified church and house along with a redoubt.  It is defended by two infantry regiments (8 battalions) and two batteries.  Russian reinforcements rushing to their assistance are 2 Infantry regiments (8 battalions),  two batteries and three cavalry regiments.  Orders are to hold the fortified area.

   The Allies attacking consist of two British Infantry divisions (1st and Light Divisions of 12 battalions total) with attached artillery and the Light Cavalry brigade.  They are assisted by a French division consisting of four line infantry battalions, two Zouave battalions, a battery and the Chassaurs de Afrique.

  Rules used are the tried and true "Charge of the Light Brigade" by David Raybin.  These are the second edition which have a few newer rules modifications.  These include artillery getting command points (and possible ammunition loss), better melee additions for certain troops (guards and highlanders) or formations (Russian attack columns), and  attack columns being six inches apart. Brigade command integrity has also been added.   For my review of the rules please see:

  The game features very different foes.  The gallant Russians have superior artillery, terrible musket fire and very good column attack.  Russian cavalry is numerous but poor quality.   British are very Napoleonic with thin lines and superior fire power (those new rifles don't you know).  French line have muskets,  Zouaves rifles.  So each army fights very differently with serious advantages and disadvantages.  In other words a fun time for all!

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  1. Well that does look like fun...

    Those old Foundry figures have stood the test of time...
    And I do like the basing.

    All the best. Aly

  2. Agreed, they have plenty of character.