Monday, November 5, 2018

Fusilier Regiment von Lossburg 1776

   Arrived at New York city in August 1776 with first wave of Hesse Cassel regiments.  took part as part of Brigade Mirbach at Long Island. Fought at White Plains and Fort Washington.  Took part in the march across New Jersey chasing the Continental army.   As part of the garrison of Trenton on the early morning of  December 26, 1776 the regiment surrendered to American Forces after being surprised and defeated.  Survivors of the three regiments placed in Combined Regiment von Loos  for the 1777 campaign in Pennsylvania.  Fought at Brandywine and occupied Philadelphia.   Returned to New York in 1778 where they reverted to original regimental status of Fusilier Regiment von Lossburg.  The regiment was sent to Quebec to garrison the city but suffered heavy losses at seas in storm and returned to New York 1779.  In 1780 returned to Quebec until returned to Germany in 1783.

Reproduction Fusilier cap.

Regimental uniform was a blue coat with orange collar, cuffs and lappels.  White small clothes.  Fusilier caps with brass front and black bag.  Officers lace was gold.  Figures are from Minden Miniatures and flags from GMB.  Fusilier cap picture is of a reproduction cap.

  In addition I would like to thank Ed from the Fife and Drum miniatures forum.  He was kind enough to share his research  and suggestions with me over the confusing subject of Hesse Kassel uniforms.  Thank you sir!


  1. Another nice looking unit of Germans Mark - excellent work. You seem to be producing these at a phenomenal rate!

  2. Lovely - nice black lining to set off the belts, etc.