Friday, January 11, 2019

Goals for 2019

I know that this is usually done on New Year's Eve.  You review the past year and set goals for the coming year.  But due to the holiday and the extra work load (major time for airlines) I could not get anything done. So here it is, my goals and projects for 2019.

Let me start by saying the painting machine which was 2017 and 2018 will not be repeated. Not that any of my armies are completed (are armies ever done?) But just that I have enough miniature soldiers to fight out most of the battles I am interested in.  And that is my first goal of the year. To fight more table top battles and paint less.  Not to say no painting. I would like to add a few special regiments. And some civilians to populate my table.  But no more massive projects like my 1776 Americans.

If there is one area I am deficient in it is terrain.  I have the basics.  I need to add additional roads, rivers and trees.  Lots of trees. trees for summer, winter and fall.  Most of my battles take place in areas where there were extensive woods.  I  would like to add some more fences.  I have a good amount of split rail fences.  I would like post and beam a
 Fences as well as stone walls.  A few picket fences would be nice around houses.  As I am looking to do some winter battles I would need a winter table cloth.  And a blue one with hexes for naval battles too. Last some ridges and hills.

 Lastly, houses.  And lots of them. and different types of houses.  To do  the Battles of Trenton I need to have a good size town on the table.  Somehow, four or five houses do not look right.  You want it to look like this bird's eye map of the battle.   I started paper buildings last year and will be adding to them this year.

For table top battles I have a lot planned. As mentioned both battles of Trenton as well as Princeton are planned. Special terrain is needed so these will be a long term project working on them. I think it would be great fun to hold a day after Christmas battle of Trenton!

For the American Rev War I am planning a  map campaign of the Cowpens - Guilford Courthouse campaign.  This would be a pen and paper campaign where commanders are given a series of options for battles.  Casualties would carry over. Steve Haller wrote this up in a issue of the Courier magazine years ago and I have always wanted to fight it.  In addition I would like to  fight many of the 1776 battle around New York city. These include Harlem Heights, Pelham Mannor and White Plains.  The last would be special for me as it was the very first battle reenactment I took part in back in 1972.

For the War of 1812 I am looking forward to fighting Lundy's Lane. This will entail a great number of house rules for the battle as it took place at dusk and lasted past midnight.  In addition I have a number of games based around other battles along the Niagara frontier including Cooks Mill and a "what if" battle of Saint David.  I have enjoyed fighting disguised scenarios in the past. These included fighting the Rev War battle of Cowpens with Crimean troops as well as with War of 1812.  I plan on fighting a couple more Rev War battles with 1812 regiments.

For the Crimean I would just like to get my soldiers in the table top more. Due to the small number of battles these will be more of a "what if" type of affair.  The Alma most definitely.  And "what if" the Guards brigade and 4th division try and retake the Turkish recounts at Balaclava.

Finaly, a grand review of my collection of soldiers. That once a year stock taking of what you have.  Perhaps a photo essay of each army by brigade? That would be fun!

 So please stay tuned. As you can see there is more to come.


  1. Your table and game schedule is going to look great in 2019

  2. Drums and bagpipes sound already!

  3. Sounds like you have some firm plans Mark - I hope you get the campaigns done, as these are always interesting to read about. A review of all your figures sounds great too!

    1. The campaign is a very long goal of mine. Now I have everything I need to get it done.

      On the figure review I am borrowing the idea from you blog. I enjoyed it very much!