Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Armies in Review: War of 1812 Potter's 3rd Brigade

  Porter's 3rd American Brigade was made up of volunteer or militia battalions.  A battalion from New York and Pennsylvania served with a group of turn coat Canadians in  battalion called the Canadian Volunteers.  To round out the command I added a battalion of militia in hunting shirts and round hats.

General Porter with his brigade.  A nice smug figure of a volunteer or militia commander.

   New York Volunteers in dress uniforms with a mixture of civilian clothing throughout the battalion.

 A militia regiment dressed in round hats and hunting shirts.  Officers are dressed in full dress uniform of blue coat faced yellow. A nice different type of regimental dress.  Figures are from the new Brigade Miniatures War of 1812 line of figures.  They mix in very well with the Knuckleduster miniature figures.  The flags are New York militia flags.

  The infamous Canadian Volunteers.  They are dressed in a variety of clothing and uniforms ranging from regulation United States uniforms, to gray jackets and civilian clothing.  A mixed looking lot!

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