Sunday, March 5, 2023

Keeping busy


Its a snowy couple days up here in New England. So I have kept myself out of mischief by doing a few odds and ends around the hobby table.

I had thought I was done with Lauzon's Legion but not yet.  I decided that the lance carrying Guessed would look better with the red Lance pennants you see in numerous illustrations.  A little cutting of paper, glue and paint and that project was done.

I have long been wanting to glue my individual trees into larger bases.  They look better and are more steady.  Not truly artistic but the basic basing I do fits well on my table.  So again with the glue, some paint and flock/static grass.

Lastly setting up the table for the first battle of my re fight of the Camden campaign at Williamson's Plantation 20 June 1780.  A small action which started the partisan fighting in South Carolina.


  1. Looking good, Mark! Snowy here in the Pacific Northwest too.

  2. The pennants and rebased trees look good Mark. Really looking forward to following your progress through the Camden campaign.

    1. They do look so much better and for just a little work. I am playing out the battles as we speak. More to follow.

  3. Those lancers certainly look much better with their pennants flying, especially with the red making them seem even more dynamic and dangerous. Good call on basing the trees, something I have done with mine for years to make them as stable as possible. The table set up shot looks good and await the action with much interest:).

  4. Great looking unit - and good work on the trees and landscape features too. :-)