Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Lexington Green Diorama Update


  Back in 2020 I posted a out the diorama of the fight on Lexington green.  This weekend Janine and I stopped by to see it in person.  They have built a nice new case for it and it gets its own display room in the visitor center in Lexington.  


 There is a nice new display case around it.  Above and below are drawings of it and a key which identified the individuals.  This makes it easy to follow and very informative.  Unfortunately there are windows opposite it which reflects the light against it and makes taking pictures difficult.


   It was made by John Scheid in the early 1960's.    His technique for making the British Grenadier caps look like fur still amazes me.  There is a very nice write up about him and better pictures of the diorama in Peter Blum's book "Military Miniatures" The Odyssey Press, New York, 1964.


As a very young boy I was thrilled to discover an exciting diorama of the Battle of Lexington Green in my public library.  My parents would drop me off at the library and after getting a arm full of books I would stand in wonder in front of it.


  1. Did not know of this. My next trip to Boston... Thank you.

  2. A very nice looking diorama, thanks for sharing again Mark!

  3. A very nice looking display. Now I’m wishing I’d bought some of those Grand Manor buildings.