Sunday, September 10, 2017

More Crann Tara French work in progress

Couple more "work in progress" pictures. i have taken a slight break from French white uniforms to paint more blue coats.  Here are the first of my Royal Ecossais regiment from Crann Tara miniatures.  I really like the figures. A neat looking regiment;  colorful and fun to paint.

Here is how I paint my figures.  I mount 8 figures on painting stick.  These are paint stirrers I get there from Home Depot.  They  used to be free but now they are charging for them so shame on them!

I prime my figures with  black with gesso;   then when dry I  dry brush the figure white.  This gives me darker colors in the folds  but lighter colors in the raised surface.

Examples of primed figures and painted figures.

More to come soon.  Have finaly gotten the knack of French white uniforms and will be finishing two battalions soon.  And a big shout out of thanks to Aly' s Toy Soldiers blog.  His examples of how to paint white is brilliant and works very well.


  1. They are rather fine chaps. I also do the white dry brush, very good for reds to go over.