Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Battle of Camden 1780


Surprising as it sounds in all the years I have gamed the American Revolution have never fought this battle.  Possibly because it was so lopsided.  Possibly because you need so many militia figures!  Or, because tactically it's rather boring.  Both sides line up and just march forward.  plain table with a few trees and swamps in both flanks.

  But its time to try it out and here I'd my order of battle.  Battle report will follow soon.

Battle of Camden August 1780

British Southern Army:   (2100)

Lieutenant General Lord Charles Cornwallis

      Rawdon's Brigade:  Lieutenant Colonel Francis Rawdon

Royal Artillery (light)

Royal North Carolina Regiment (30 figures)

Bryan's North Carolina Loyalist Militia (30 figures)

Volunteers of Ireland (30 figures)

British Legion:

British Legion Infantry (16 figures)

British Legion Artillery  (light)

Webster's  Brigade:  Lieutenant Colonel James Webster

Royal Artillery (light)

British Light Infantry (16 figures)

23rd Regiment of Foot (30 figures)

33rds Regiment of Foot (30 figures)

Reserve Brigade:  Lieutenant Colonel Alexander McDonald

71st Highland Regiment (30 figures)

1st Bn/71st Highland Regiment (18 figures)*

2nd Bn/71st Highland Regiment (12 figures)*

Royal Artillery (light)

* can field as two units or as just one.

British Legion:Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton

British Legion Dragoons (180): 

1st Squadron (10 figures)

2nd Squadron (8 figures)


total: 230 figures and 4 guns

 American Southern Army:  (4000)

Major General Horatio Gates

Continental Artillery/Army Troops:

Captain Anthony Singleton

Meredeth's (Virginia) Co/Continental Arty (light)

Dorseys (Maryland) Co/Continental Arty (light)

Bookers (Maryland) Sec./Continental Arty (light)

Waters (Maryland) Sec./Continental Arty (light)

Advance Brigade: Colonel Charles Armand

Continental & Virginia Cavalry:

Armands Legion Cavalry (6 figures)

Nelson's Virginia State Cavalry Regiment (6 figures)

Pinckneys S.C. Volunteer Mounted Infantry (6 figures)

Continental Light Infantry: 

Armands Legion Foot (6 figures)

Porterfields Virginia Light Infantry (8 figures)

Armstrongs Militia Light Infantry (12 figures)

Militia Division :  Major General Richard Caswell

1st North Carolina Militia Brigade:  Brigadier General John Butler

Left Wing Battalion/1st NC (24 figures)

Right Wing Battalion/1st NC (24 figures)

2nd North Carolina Militia Brigade:  Brigadier General Griffith Rutherford

Left Wing Battalion/2nd N (24 figures)

Right Wing Battalion/2nd NC (24 figures)

3rd North Carolina Militia Brigade:  Brigadier General Isaac Gregory

Left Wing Battalion/3rd NC (24 figures)

Right Wing Battalion/3rd NC (24 figures)

Virginia Militia Brigade:  Brigadier General Edward Stevens

Left Wing Battalion/Virginia (24 figures)

Right Wing/Battalion/Virginia (24 figures)

Continental Division (@1200):

Major General Baron de Kalb

1st Maryland Brigade:Major General William Smallwood 

1st & 3rd Maryland Regiments (30 figures)

5th & 7th Maryland Regiments (30 figures)

2nd Maryland Brigade:  Brigadier General Mordecai Gist

Delaware & 2nd Maryland Regiments (30 figures)

4th & 6th Maryland Regiments (30 figures)

Total 330 figures and 4 guns

Victory Conditions:

The first side to break and retreat off the table is the loser. The side that remains on the table is the winner


The Whites of Their Eyes.

Game Length:

The battle began at dawn, roughly 7 am. The historical battle lasted only one hour but the game should go on until one side breaks and retreats from the field. Sunset was roughly 8 pm, but one side should break far before sunset.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out Mark:)

  2. I look forward to seeing how this goes Mark - and whether your chosen rules can even out the disparity in numbers v' disparity in troop quality - in most circumstances 100 extra figures on a wargaming table would be a pretty big advantage to the Americans....

  3. Camden is my go-to scenario to test new rules. With the historical deployment the Brits should win. If the Yanks win easily, something is wrong. A free US deployment should shange things, though I have not yet done that. Waiting to see your AAR.

    I have a number of Continentals in rifle shirts. They do double duty as militia in this.