Saturday, June 8, 2024

On the Cover of The Rolling Stones


Ok, not the song from Dr Hook & The Medicine Show. But a most happy and pleasant surprise.  My friend Warren recently gifted me a collection of the glossy edition of the Courier wargamer magazine.  While you g through them I noticed the cover of the last issue with some very nice Seven Years War Prussian infantry.  They look familiar I though.  And so they were!  I had painted these in the early 1980's and sold them to another friend Bill Pritchard.  And here they were on the cover of the Courier magazine.  I got a nice credit inside for the paint job.


  1. Nice gift and good to see your work recognized and attributed.

  2. Nice find Mark - that's very cool - and great that you were acknowledged as the painter, too!

  3. Although I cleared out most of my collection, I did retain a small core of these grand old magazines. Always a treat to take them out and revisit them. Your figures certainly are cover worthy!