Sunday, November 19, 2023

Fort Devens Museum Game Day

  I Attended the annual Miniature Gaming Day at the First Devens Museum near where I live.  Its a great day out and a chance to meet up with local gamers for a nice afternoon of gaming.  In addition the museum itself is open and I great fun and interesting to go through.  The museum chronicles the history if the base from its time as Camo Devens in 1917 up until its closure in 1996.  The museum reminds me of the British regimental museums I visited on my trio to Great British in 1983 filled with interesting items. I highly recommend attending this event  if you live in the New England area.

What games were put on?  Here the are!


Rules: Musket and Tomahawks

"Beausolie and his band of Acadian rebels are out for a night on the town in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The sailors from HMS Slaughter are in town as well. The Acadians and their first people’s allies are bringing their torches and the settlers are praying the garrison on hill are watchful this evening. Come to the party."

Rules : Naval Theater

"HMS Ajax, HMS Achilles and HMS Exeter take Graf Spee in the battle of the River Plate in the early months of World War II"

Rules: Damned Human Race (Victorian Science Fiction)

 "Death on the Martian Plains! The plains of Mars are slowly but surely becoming inhabited, but as homesteaders rush to occupy the “free” land they run the risk of being set upon by hostiles and bandits!"

Rules: The “Carriere Variant” of Black Seas

The Leeward Line: The Battle of Trafalgar Admiral Collingwood’s van attempts to break the French and Spanish line and Make England safe from invasion.

Rules: Bolt Action

" Kasserine. Can the untested Americans defeat the veteran Afrika Korps? This desperate battle between the untested US army and the battle-hardened Afrika Korps is one of the climactic moments of the Desert War. US players must mitigate the effects of poor morale and make the best use of their extensive support options, while German and Italian players must use their aggression and experience to outmaneuver the allies."

Rules: Based on Command & Colors Napoleonics

 Command & Colors: Seven Years War. Extended time play will be used; units will be doubled in casualties taken.

 Since I do not usually play in naval games I signed up for both the Black Seas Trafalgar and the Graf Spee games and had a wonderful day.  Both game masters explained the rules and helped guide us through them which is great help in a naval game.  Of course mire details on both in my next post.


  1. There are some lovely looking game on show there Mark.
    It certainly looked like a grand day out.

    All the best. Aly

  2. Where can I find more about Naval Theatre rules? I have the models for the River Plate. And a distant connection to the battle: a dear friend of mine put on diving exhibition for sailors of the Ajax after the battle, when she was 9 or so.

    1. That sounds like a fascinating story which I hope you may share with us sometime.

      The rules are 8 pages and I found them to be very playable. The perfect set for this battle of the Bismarck-Hood action. The authors email is ninjadalek
      If you do not reach him I can copy the set I have and send it to you.

    2. The short version: She was living on Aruba where her dad worked for the Esso refinery. The Ajax anchored at Aruba. A show was put on for the sailors, including a young girl who dove quite well. One night in 1941 a U-boat surfaced and shelled the refinery. Those are the WWII stories she told me.

      I have emailed your contact, thanks.

  3. Looks like a great venue for wargaming there Mark - the two naval games looked good, particularly the Napoleonic sailing ships - were they 28mm - they certainly look much bigger than the usual 1/600 mini models?

    1. The ships are the 1/700 scales one from Warlord games. They look like beautiful models and Adam certainly did. Much better then I could have ever done.

  4. What a great set of games on show and in such a lovely setting too:)!