Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Earth Works or Defensive Position


  A terrain piece I picked up long ago at the Cold Wars  convention.  Not sure who made it, its been that long ago!  But its made of  resin and plenty solid.  Time to get it ready for the table.

   Very nice detailing on the gun platforms and wood supporting the walls and the gabbions.  These required just a simple painting brown then lots of dry brushing. For the piled up earth in front I just covered it in the flicking to match my table cloth.  Couple hours work and a nice terrain piece for the table.


  1. That is a lovely piece Mark, a nice addition to your collection, really nice.

  2. Battlefield Terrain Concepts: I've got the same one (plus another that is a complete redoubt, to include base with gun platforms). I went the lazy route and bought the finished versions.

  3. This looks great Mark. It's the kind of terrain piece our mate Mark S builds from scratch in a couple of hours using match sticks and Renendra plastic gabions.....makes you sick!! ūüėĀ