Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What I worked on this week


  I think I got my painting mojo back!

Finished up my wagons and a bunch of Indians and militia for King Philips War this week.  Its been fun and I have enjoyed it very much.  I still need to base the wagons but the Indians and Pilgrims look fine.

Now its time to put painting aside as Friday is game night for the club.  I am putting on a Crimean War Russian vs British and French battle around capturing a cross road.  More on this and the other game later.


  1. You never lost your mojo! These look FANTASTIC Mark!

  2. That’s a very productive week, looking good

  3. That is a pretty impressive output Mark and they all look great - I look forward to reading about your Crimean game shortly!

  4. These are coming along so beautifully. Your figures always look great and the carts a jar-dropping!
    Regards, James

  5. That should, of course, be jaw-dropping (hit 'publish' just that bit too soon...!!