Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Sir William Howe's Army Part 2

Now for the rest of the Crown Forces.  The Elite type battalions get the glory but it's the regular line who do the work.  Here is the British line, The Hessian line and the Loyalist line troops.  The British line are all Fife & Drum miniatures as are most of the Hessians except the Musketeer Regiment.  The loyalist line are Old Glory 2nd edition but the British region horse and foot are F&D.

British Infantry Brigade made up of the 17th, 23rd, 44th and 55th Regiments of Foot.  I will be adding two addition line battalions (40th and 64th) in the future so I will have two brigades of three battalions each.

17th and 44th Regiments

55th and 23rd Regiments.

The Hessian Brigade of Colonel Rall.  Here are the Rall Grenadier, Lossburg and Knyphausen Fusiliers and Bose Musketeer regiments.  Off to the flanks the jager companies keep an eye out on the flanks.  Most figures are from Minden Miniatures although the Bose are from the old RSM Ltd minuatures.  

loyalists brigade of the British Legion Horse and Foot, the Prince of Wales American Volunteer, Volunteer of Ireland, New York Volunteer and Kings American Regiment.   Mixture of both early green uniform coats and later red coats.  The regimental colors for loyalist regiments are very doubtful historically.  But I like flags so I added them.  Usually I use British line colors but the Prince of Wales color was dine for me by David at the site Not By Appointment.  They are beautiful and his flags are outstanding!



  1. Superb parade Mark, I have enjoyed seeing your lovely regiments on the table, quite superb.

  2. A lovely parade Mark, if I did not already have enough British for my purposes, I would be sorely tempted to get some of these wonderful figures!

  3. the figures and terrain all look fantastic - very inspiring!

  4. Another splendid parade there Mark:)!